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Portable Power Station

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Portable Power Station

A quality portable power station helps you enjoy the great outdoors without having to give up on the appliances that sustain your daily life. A portable power station makes it possible to capture and store electricity while camping, or away from grid electricity in general. People typically use portable power stations to recharge their smartphones, and power their camping fridge, camping shower, LED lights and 12v televisions. Whether it be a fridge for your food, a c-pap machine for sleeping, or even just keeping your smartphone charged up, portable power stations make it possible to have the best of both worlds. 

When evaluating each portable power station we took five factors into account: battery chemistry, battery size, outputs, charging methods, and warranty.There are many quality and feature-rich power station options to consider, but the robust casing, variety of battery sizes, pricing, number of outputs. Portable power stations consist of a battery, inside a durable case, that has a range of outputs that you can use to access the stored electricity. The outputs included on power stations typically include USB, Cigarette lighter plugs, 6mm LED light plugs, Anderson plug, and Engel posi-fit sockets.

The type of battery included in portable power stations has traditionally been a lead-acid-based battery, usually an AGM design. However, in recent years lithium portable power stations have become a lot more popular due to the lightweight and increased depth of discharge that lithium batteries provide. Different portable power stations come with different charging options, but the most common way of charging is with a solar panel when you are off-grid or using a power supply to charge when you are home before you go camping. Most power stations are designed to provide 12v DC power output, but some are built with inverters that allow you to plug in your 240v AC appliances as well.

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