600W Solar Home Outdoor Power Banks Solar Charging Station Portable Power Generator

LiXiaoman Portable Power Station is a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery,it has small volume、large capacity、green environment and multifunctional AC-DC Output. The outer shell can customize and select.When you use it,you should open the power switch and then


For fishing, this outdoor activity, people who truly likes would drastically obsessed in. Bring an Li Xiaoman outdoor power
supply that has access to cook seafood, fishing, and enjoy a good leisure life.

Live stream
Many live broadcasts are carried out outdoors. But the live broadcast consumes power quickly and cannot be interrupted.
Once the mobile phone runs out of power, it will become very upsetting, bringing many troubles.

Outdoor Film
Equipped with portable power stations which can not only solve the problem of wacthing movies but also provide electricity
in any situations.