Hybrid Inverter On Off Grid Three Phase Solar Inverter 10KW-20KW

Item No.: Hybrid Solar Inverter 10KW-20KW
Hybrid Inverter On Off Grid Three Phase Solar Inverter 10KW-20KW

Hybrid Inverter On Off Grid Three Phase Solar Inverter 10KW-20KW

  • 4MPPT input,more flexible configuration

  • APF mode,improved grid power quality

  • Diversified work patterns and rapid gains

  • Full digital control,higher control accuracy

  • Multiple parallel systems,more flexible system solutions

  • Off-grid output can be connected to unbalanced load,three-phase separate output is supported

Reliable and Safe

  • High efficiency low energy loss,Low maintenance

  • High frequency isolation between battery & PV/grid

  • Advanced battery management technology to protect the battery life

Easier Operation

  • Free site selection due to IP65

  • 4'LCD clear,easy-to-read display

  • Easy monitoring on phone(APP) & PC(web)

Multiple working modes

  • PV & storage all in one,increases self consumption to 80%+,decreases reliance on the electrical grid,decreases the electricity bill

  • Stand alone mode(like UPS)available,ensures safe operation of critical loads 

  • Multiple operation modes selection: auto mode,time-of-use mode,timing mode,passive mode etc.

Intelligent grid management

  • Reactive power capbility

  • Limits AC output when grid frequency is too high or too low

  • Limits AC output when grid voltage is too high

  • Built in zero export function(optional)



Dan Alvarado
Apr 06, 2022
Is Hybrid 3-Phase, 20 kW Inverter available in the Philippines? How much?
Elias Dasf
Mar 28, 2022
Dear Sir/ Madam I am interested in your 20kw or 30kw 3 phases hybrid inverters, which are expendable in parallel. Can you please send me a quotation on such systems. You may send the Information to my email at: eliassaad1057@yahoo.com Or via WhatsApp phone at: +9613984902
Mar 25, 2022
Hallo ich habe Interesse an Ihrem Hybrid Wechselrichter On Off Grid Solar 20 kw Können Sie mir auch eine Gebrauchsanleitung für dieses Model zu schicken? Was ist der Preis? Besteht es auch eine Möglichkeit den Inverter in Polen zu kaufen und dann in die Ukraine zu schicken? Oder Selbstabholung? Danke Ihnen im Voraus.
Mar 17, 2022
how much does it cost